9 Things You Need To Know As a Programmer

9 Things You Need To Know As A Programmer

Programming is fun. Those who are into programming know-how interesting this field can be. It makes you creative, analytical and sharpens your brain.

With all said, a beginner computer programmer must have some basic skills to start their programming journey. Our degrees might teach us about computer programming, but doing it by hand is another thing.

Many skilled programmers have revolutionized the field of software engineering. For achieving such success, a programmer should have up-to-date knowledge of ongoing trends, support from friends, and a good grip on their tools.

So, let’s start our article by discussing the nine things a computer programmer needs to know. These long-lasting skills would prove to be helpful for the programmer.

Text Editors are one of the most crucial tools for aspiring programmers. Every programmer needs a text editor for their daily programming routine.

You might find many options like MS NotePad, which works pretty fine. If you want to give it a professional touch, use a professional text editor like Sublime or Visual Studio with advanced features and IDE (Integrated Development Environment)-type controls.

However, it’s better to stick to one text editor. It helps you know more about your editor’s shortcuts and functionalities, makes your hand fast while programming, and increases your productivity.

2. SQL

SQL and database is a trend that will never go old. SQL has been aiding our programmers for three decades, and its immense popularity predicts that it would go on like this in the future.

As a programmer, you might come across many database options to choose from. Choosing SQL as a beginner might save you from many troubles.

As a programmer, you should know how to insert, delete, or update your data from the database. Learning to write SQL queries and aggregate functions is necessary too.

3. Data Structure/ Algorithms

Successful programmers are those who know their way around the data structures and algorithms. Even the job interviewers could question you about it.

You cannot be a great software programmer without having sound knowledge of basic data structures like linked lists, arrays, maps, etc. Such things involve when you develop applications.

If you’re still a student, pay more attention to your data structure class as it would help you later. Learn Deep Dive using Java for a head start.

4. Scripting

As a software engineering student, scripting and programming languages are something compulsory to learn. A programmer cannot even begin without knowing the skill of these languages and their scripting.

Let’s say you’re qualified in a single programming language. What would happen if a client demands a program in another language? Being versatile in software languages is the symbol of excellence in this field.

If you want more work to come by your office, develop your coding expertise in more than one language. Learn and skill yourself in Java, JavaScript, C++, Python, and other popular languages.

5. Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has now become the central part of every field, including computer programming. Now the software and app developers integrate cloud-based mechanisms into their programs for its immeasurable benefits.

Many organizations have switched to cloud computing, and programmers must tend to their needs. Cloud computing has made programming even more flexible due to the added amount of security it provides in the programs.

Moreover, the programmer also senses relief as cloud computing reduces the programming cost and consumes lesser resources. It’s easier to deploy than non-cloud programming and is more scalable than ever.

So, if you haven’t learned about the cloud, now is the time.

6. Management Skills

Learning the skill of efficient programming can be troublesome at times. It will help if you take help from project managers, technical mentors, or even a friend that can help you pass the challenge.

In addition to this, learn more about project management skills. Be responsible for the whole team working with you. Organize your work effectively and encourage a collaborative environment.

If you are working with a programming team, learn about their abilities to take guidance or guide them. It would also help to focus more on the task given. Try to look at the bigger picture and prepare yourself for the unexpected.

7. UNIX And Excel

UNIX, like SQL, also has a profound impact on the programmers. It’s been there for 30 years and has deep roots still.

UNIX allows fast-paced programming. It helps you search files, know about the CPU and memory capabilities, and other similar tasks.

MS Excel is also another fantastic tool for programmers and software developers. It can help them during the tracking process, analyzing and reconciling the data, and perform other related functions.

MS Excel is easier to learn. Try to emphasize more on manipulating the data and knowing about searching, filtering, and comparing two cells.

8. Code Testing

Just developing a program isn’t enough — you have to test it thoroughly. Skipping this essential part could earn you a bad name.

There are multiple code tests used for detecting errors and bugs before deploying the code. Moreover, testing improves your programming skills.

There are many tests like system integration tests, checking the performance and memory with actual data, measuring the code coverage, unit tests, loading and stress tests, peer reviews, static code analysis, and much more.

Also, make a habit of backing up your code every few seconds. In this way, your data won’t be lost even if the system fails.

9. Never Stop Learning

Now leaping towards a universal rule — Never stop learning.

There is no such field yet that has been completed or excelled. Be it medical or software; we get to see newer advancements every coming day.

Most software engineers started with monolithic systems that were not the most reliable machines and cost a fortune.

Now, developers effortlessly work on their microservice projects backed with a cloud-based infrastructure and an open-source program.

Multiple tools are available that make you a master in learning programming languages, enhancing your cybersecurity skills, helping you incorporate the latest innovations like AR, IoT, edge computing, etc.


That’s all — following these nine essential programming tidbits would make you a skilled programmer soon.

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