How To Code For Beginners — Everything You Need to Know

Coding has become very popular in recent years, changing from something applied in motion sensors and the regular mobile device to something that shapes the way that we live and work. This means that now is the right time to learn how to code for beginners.

Almost all devices, ranging from electronic items to modern machinery and equipment, uses programming and codes. As the number of coding applications grows, the number of coding jobs available will also continue to grow. In this article, we will discuss what coding is…

What to Know Before Developing a Mobile App

A mobile application is a great way to have a business that is accessible on the go. Many businesses start off with an online presence (a website), after which they finally come up with their own mobile applications. These applications are user-friendly and offer flexible access to your business round the clock. Also, like thousands of business owners out there, if you, too, are looking to create your own app, this is the right time.

So what are the things you need to keep in mind before developing a mobile app? We’ve…

Best Programming Languages for Java Programmers

‘Polyglot Coders’ are currently in vogue in the world of programming. And that explains why programmers are now eager to learn other programming languages other than the one they have mastered. Upskilling is the need of the hour, and as a Java programmer, you too should make the most of this opportunity.

In the dynamic field of technology, new inventions are always lined up — for which, mastering one single programming language may not be enough. This is where multiple programming languages come in handy. As a ‘polyglot coder’ you are sure to…

The Future of Blockchain Gaming

Gaming has evolved from simple to complex technologies. Gaming has leap-frogged from the 80’s gaming consoles like the game boy, atari lynx & game gear to games powered by modern, advanced technologies, i.e. Facial recognition, Virtual reality, Augmented reality, Voice control, among many others.

The gaming industry is advancing at a fast pace & revolutionizing the gaming experience by integrating different, intriguing technologies to improve user gaming experience. With the invention of blockchain, many expectations and changes are happening within the gaming & game developers communities.

Bitcoin ushered in the age of cryptocurrencies and blockchain…

What are Smart Contracts?

With the invention of blockchain, smart contracts have become one of the most sought-after technologies. Smart contracts are self-executing contracts between a buyer and seller based on a set of agreements. Unlike traditional contracts, smart contracts are capable of reducing risk, hence cutting services & administration costs. For example, you can program a smart contract to release funds if someone confirms receiving goods & services offered to them. The agreements are executed directly into lines of codes as part of a distributed, decentralized blockchain network. By doing this, smart contracts eliminate the need for trust among…


Cryptocurrencies are currently experiencing a bear market.

A significant call that should not be taken lightly by crypto investors and experts likewise. Two times this year, analysts have issued premature bear-market calls based on an off-the-shelf criterion (a 20 per cent drop in a market benchmark).

Bitcoin (BTC, -0.15%) is the general market benchmark in the cryptocurrency world. Bitcoin’s market dominance, or its percentage of all cryptocurrencies’ projected total market value, has dropped to the mid-40s, and it still has no analogue in the stock market. Apple, the S&P…

Java vs. JavaScript — What is the Difference?

Let’s be honest — as a novice in the field of programming, you have probably ended up using the words ‘ Java’ and ‘JavaScript’ interchangeably. It’s only later in our careers that we realize that both these words have a whole lot of differences in them.

In today’s post, that’s precisely what we will be talking about — the key differences that set Java apart from Javascript.

Before we begin, let us understand what each of these terms means. Java is an OOP (Object-Oriented Programming) language. It is also alternatively known…

Things to Know at the Start of Your IT Career

The IT sector is one of the most sought-after industries for decades now. Technology is something that will never go out of fashion, which is why most people wish to build a career in the IT sector. Apart from the stability of having a job that cannot be entirely replaced by automation, this sector also offers well-paying jobs.

But what is the reality? Is the IT sector what you think it is? Is it the kind of work you would want to pursue for the rest of your life? In…

Common Beginner Java Programmer Mistakes

Stepping into the world of Java programming and wondering if you’ve made the right decision? Well, we’ve all been there! Since the initial phase is difficult, we end up making simple mistakes and mess up our codes in the silliest possible ways. But here’s the deal — it does get better with time. The more you code, the better you get at writing error-free, clean codes.

Today we’ll be talking about the most common beginner Java programmer mistakes. So newbies out there, this one’s for you. …

Blockchain: An Environmental Cancer or Cure?

In a single year, Bitcoin mining consumes as much energy as the whole Island of Ireland. A single blockchain node can consume more energy than a medium-sized town. These are some of the negative blockchain impacts that the media has been so adamantly spreading over the last few months. Nonetheless, is there another side to this coin?

Blockchain may have been described as very detrimental to the environment but it holds a huge potential to fast-track climate action. Not all its applications are energy-hungry. As a matter of fact, some of its applications…


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