AI in the Kitchen: How Smart Appliances Are Changing Our Cooking Habits

9 min readMay 15

AI in the Kitchen: How Smart Appliances Are Changing Our Cooking Habits


Remember the days when cooking required a bit of alchemy, intuition, and perhaps a dash of luck to get the perfect dish? Well, those days are rapidly becoming a part of the past. Advances in artificial intelligence (AI) have been steadily permeating various aspects of our daily lives, and now, they are revolutionizing our kitchens. The kitchen of the future isn’t merely a vision of Jetson-esque wonders; it’s a place where AI assists us in creating delectable meals with precision, convenience, and even a touch of personalization.

From AI-powered ovens to smart refrigerators, this article explores how these cutting-edge appliances are transforming our cooking habits.

AI in the Kitchen: A New Era of Culinary Excellence

Artificial intelligence stands as a pioneering force in technological advancements across diverse sectors, including the realm of culinary arts. Let’s explore the ways in which artificial intelligence is transforming our culinary practices and kitchen management.

1. AI-Powered Ovens and Stovetops

AI has dramatically changed how we use ovens and stovetops. Companies like June Oven and Whirlpool have introduced smart ovens equipped with AI technology that can recognize the food you’re cooking, calculate the perfect cooking time, and adjust the temperature accordingly[¹^]. They feature built-in cameras and use machine learning algorithms to identify the type of food and suggest the best way to cook it[²^].

For example, the June Oven comes with a built-in camera that recognizes over 65 different foods and can suggest the optimal cooking method[³^]. This enables the flawless preparation of a roasted chicken, the creation of an exceptional cake, or crafting a pizza to…


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