AWS Lambda Vs Azure Functions

How to choose between AWS Lambda Vs Azure Functions?

AWS Lambda and Azure have gained popularity in the developer’s community for serverless computing systems. Developers can install more codes without giving the associated servers and tools much thought. The question, however, remains which provider should you go with. So, let us look at a detailed comparison between AWS Lambda and Azure Functions.

AWS Lambda

The key offerings of AWS Lambda are its custom back-end services, and their Compute Savings plans which let you pay-as-you-go and save up approximately 17% of the cost. AWS enables its users to create code in built-in editors, work with private or public git-repositories and download the archive with the code and not worry about the infrastructure.

AWS Lambda manages all admin, infrastructure management, built-in logging with CloudWatch. Thus, you are only accountable for the code. Each time that an event happens the containers with a pre-determined environment deploy automatically to the server. With the growing number of parallel events, the containers grow too. The system is made to scale the flow of requests without asking for any configuration.

Advantages of AWS Lambda

1. Using Lambda with other Amazon Web Services offers huge potential and benefits for quick and easy integration.

2. AWS is an easy system to manage when compared to other serverless computing systems. It offers a user-friendly and hassle-free experience.

3. The scaling abilities of Lambda is one of the main highlights for opting for AWS. It lets you keep a track of change history and lets you scale the application for each trigger by executing code.

Disadvantages of AWS Lambda

1. One of the biggest drawbacks of the serverless concept is limited or no control over the environment for developers.

2. As AWS Lambda is still relatively new, the risks are new and unheard of. However, this year new vulnerabilities and issues were identified.

Why choose AWS Lambda?

1. AWS Lambda enables users to forget about costs, availability, and maintenance issues.

2. It is the best when it comes to backend services like mobile, website apps, IoT, and 3rd party apps.

3. Developers love the idea of paying per use. It ends up being very cost-effective as compared to buying hardware.

4. AWS CloudWatch lets you scale built-in metrics.

5. It supports an array of languages such as C#, Node.js, JAVA, Python, Go e, and Ruby.

Microsoft Azure Functions

Microsoft Azure allows coding in Python, JavaScript, F# and C# programming languages. With Azure, you can first write the code and then upload it using PowerShell, Batch, and Bash. When compared to AWS Lambda, Azure offers continuous deployment of codes with accurate integration.

Advantages of Microsoft Azure

1. It offers a great experience with different language support.

2. Azure makes sure you get rid of bugs or any other obstacles that may occur in the early stages of programming.

3. It offers more choices for deploying functions as compared to AWS Lambda. It can link to Kudu, Console, DropBox, GitHub, and more.

Disadvantages of Microsoft Azure

1. Azure needs more tooltips for clients to figure out simple tasks without any customer support.

2. As the serverless system is new to Azure it needs technical support.

3. While Azure has open-source, it does lack the tools to support it.

Why choose Microsoft Azure?

1. It is important to understand that Azure assists with functions as Serverless API with .Net or Built-in AI.

2. Azure offers flawless automated services with built-in AI. Thus, making a good choice for business with such functions.

3. Azure offers the most precise automation and best Machine Learning systems. It is mostly opted for by new businesses and start-ups.

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