Edge Computing Vs. Cloud Computing | A Comparison

7 min readMay 5, 2021

Edge Computing vs. Cloud Computing

It’s a fact that cloud computing has become a massive thing these days. It had to struggle its way among big enterprises to make it to the top. Now, many large and small corporations are using Cloud computing.

They used it because it enabled them to access cloud storage over the internet. They would store their company record, employee details, and all the confidential data on that cloud storage. — It was secure and easy to use.

It wasn’t late until another concept emerged, and thus, edge computing got introduced. The idea was pretty similar to cloud computing, but there was one big difference — the centralization.

Edge computing would provide a cloud-based mechanism, but rather than taking the computing to a cloud server; it will bring the cloud server nearer to the end-user.

What benefit will we gain? — More speed, less latency, and a whole new door opened for digital opportunities.

This article will demonstrate cloud and edge computing, their pros and cons, differences with each other, and who is better.

So, let’s begin!

Cloud Computing

When we talk about cloud computing, we need to keep in mind that all the data is collected and processed through a central mechanism in this type of computing.

A data center is the main focal point where all cloud computing devices are connected. All those devices that ought to access any data or app have to first connect to the cloud data center.

The best benefit of having cloud storage is the safety that a centralized system can provide to all connected computers, even if they are in remote places.




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