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How To Make An App Like TikTok

How To Make An App Like TikTok

The popularity of TikTok has surpassed other video making and streaming apps in a short span of time. TikTok users can stream live videos, record short video clips, add favourite tracks/video clips and post the results on social platforms. Today we are going to discuss at a high level how you can create an app like Tiktok, Again we are not setting out to clone Tiktok but we will dig into how Tiktok works so you can have an understanding when creating a similar app.

TikTok is backed by the most sophisticated AI. It uses AI to calculate the best content for the users and for the content creators AI assists in building the virtual videos, by editing with music, filters and other enhancements.

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TikTok has had years to develop the app by adding simple to complex features. Let us look at the app features you will need while making a similar app. The timing of developing an app like TikTok could not be better since it has been banned in many countries. Your app can bridge the gap in the market.

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The Must-Have Features

1. Login/Registration

2. Notifications

3. Upload/Save videos

4. Search Box

5. Filters and Effects

6. Admin Panel

7. Edit and Share

8. Video Feed

9. Likes & Comments

10. User Interface

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TikTok Algorithms

The app has revealed details about its algorithms. The For You page is created by analyzing different factors like video information, user interactions, device, and account settings. TikTok can be personalized by choosing the categories you like; in case you skip it the app will show you the most popular videos. TikTok also allows you to share the videos you don’t like by long-pressing on a video and tap ‘Not Interested’.

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TikTok’s Tech Stack

You will need a team of tech experts who can develop the whole app. This includes a Business Analyst, Project Manager, UI/UX designer, Android developer, iOS developer, Back-end developer as well as a QA engineer. This team can either be outsourced to a company or you can hire an in-house team. It is more expensive to have your in-house team because that adds the expense of infrastructure, hardware, software purchase, taxes, license fees, recruitment of the development team, and more

1. Programming Language

a. Android — Kotlin and Java programming languages

b. iOS — Swift or C

c. Hybrid app — Flutter and Xamarin and React Native

2. Back-end development

a. Programming language — Node.js

b. Framework — Express 4

c. Database — MongoDB, SQL, MySQL

d. Cloud — AWS or Azure

e. Artificial Intelligence technology — Used for filtering and personalizing user data

3. Tools

a. Storage — Amazon S3

b. Signup — Amazon Simple Email Service, Amazon Simple Notification Service

c. Geolocation — Google Maps API, MapKit/Core Location frameworks (for iOS)

d. Notifications — Android — Google Cloud Messaging; iOS — Apple Push Notification Service

e. Real-time analytics — Azure stream analytics, Google Mobile App Analytics

f. AR-filters — ML Kit, ARCore

g. Chat — Twilio

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Platform, design, features, and a team of mobile developers are the most essential parts of building an app like TikTok. It is highly recommended to develop the app on both Android and iOS platforms since over 50% of TikTok users access the app from their smartphones. TikTok’s user-friendly interface and ease of use work as a highly engaging factor. An intuitive UI/UX design plays an important role in driving new users and gaining their loyalty.

This app is very popular and is the most leading concept presently. However, to create a successful social media app, it is inevitable to do thorough market research to define the aim, target audience, app features, cost, and technology.

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