Programmer Desk Essentials

Programmer Desk Essentials

Who says that being a programmer is easy? It is fun at times, yes, but easy? Not at all, Sir!

So let me tell you about programmers. They sometimes forget to shower or eat their meals due to the immense workload they go through — daily.

Being such a workaholic can be pretty troublesome for our programmer folks. We’d suggest they make a work schedule and follow a proper diet and sleep pattern.

A programmer must have their necessary equipment on their desk; otherwise, it can dull their productivity.

If you’re a programmer and your workstation or desk is a mess, then buddy, you might want to spend a weekend organizing it. It’s good for your mental health too.

While you’re on to re-arranging your workstation, here are some of the items that you should consider adding to your desk setup. We suggest that a programmer must have these components on their desk for best performance.

Let’s take a look at the desk list.

It may sound cliché, but a developer must have a chair to do their work. We’re emphasizing a chair as we’ve seen some cases where they would sit anywhere, even on the floor, to do their job.

A software developer and programmer have to spend a reasonable amount of time sitting on their chair to complete their tasks. Special ergonomic chairs are available in the markets that are made for this purpose.

Such chairs would be built to ensure that whoever sits on them would not feel fatigued or a back pain even after spending hours on them.

So, if you’re using a regular chair, then replace it with an ergonomic office chair. It will help you to sit for long hours and remain focused on your programming.

If possible maybe even opt for a standing desk

2. A Notepad

Only the programmers know how crucial it is to stay connected with their outside world. Staying connected with the world includes:

  • Picking the kids from school.
  • Going to the groceries.
  • Attending the dinner at Grandma’s.

How do they know about it? A simple notepad and sticky notes available on their desk can help them remember any critical engagement they have to do.

Moreover, the notepad can also help them in programming, formulas, or any other chores. It’s an intelligent solution that needs to be there on a programmer’s desk.

Don’t forget to add a pen, pencil, marker, highlighter, and gum stick to your desk.

3. A Good Theme/Work Environment

Colours play a significant role in your desk setup. Do you have a proper color grading? Moreover, is your workstation lit enough?

Dark rooms are excellent, but they don’t help in stress reduction. Try to place your desk against a bright wall. It’s also preferable to have windows around for fresh air.

Moreover, if you like small pets, then you can add a fishbowl next to your desk, or even a hamster’s cage would do. These little animals are fantastic stress relievers.

If you want more positive vibes, add a little potted plant, scented candles, and some motivational quotes that would push you to work even harder.

If you got the budget, then install background LED lights to boost the mood. Your workspace will look funky, calm, and catchy.

4. A Pair of Monitors

A good programmer knows how essential dual monitors are for their everyday programming. First of all, two monitors make you feel like a pro. You’d feel like some undercover agent working on a plan.

Although it’s tough to explain the importance of two monitors, you would have more space to work; you can multitask, run a side-by-side comparison, and even do separate processes on both to get the work done on time.

So, if you’re completing a programmer desk essentials list, then put double monitors on the list too.

5. A Mug Warmer

A coffee maker might take up lots of space on your work desk. But, coffee is necessary, and a programmer might consume a good 4 to 5 cups throughout their day.

But the issue is such a constant workload might distract them to the point that their hot coffee gets all cold. Unfortunately, you have to make it again.

A good mug warmer is the ultimate solution for cooled-out coffees. It’s intelligent, easy to use, connects with a USB cable, and consumes less space on your desk.

So, now you need not worry about coffee being cold as a mug warmer will keep your drink hot as long as you want it to be. Now you don’t have to spill the coffee down the drain and make a new one — time saved.

6. A Set Of ANC Headphones

A programmer knows how dry coding can become. The best remedy to bypass such heavy coding and programming is to play some music for a great time pass.

If you are a Beethoven fan or love Queen, then pick those headphones and start listening to them while you work — listening to music while programming can increase your focus and make your productivity even better.

Another benefit of noise cancellation headphones in programming is that you’d be less distracted from the outside noises. If you’re living with your family where you have kids at home, it can be pretty tough for you to work.

So, don’t be late and add high-quality ANC headphones to the list of programmer desk essentials.

7. A Stress Ball

Stress is what our software developers face, especially while running a code or finding any software issues.

Sometimes they can be stuck at a place, too, which would increase the stress levels beyond imagination.

A good solution is to keep a squeezy little stress ball with you. You can squeeze the ball to release your stress or bounce it around your room. It will relax you within a few moments.

In addition to this, a stress ball would also give some relief to your hands that are constantly on the keyboard typing and tiring. These balls are an excellent way to help you in your repetitive strain injury.

There are other desk stress relievers as well that you can choose.

8. Some Ergonomic Peripherals

Are your peripherals ergonomic? Are they providing you stress relief during long work hours, or are you tired of using them?

Invest in something that’d increase your work productivity and provide relief to your body while working.

A keyboard is something that programmers use a lot, so the keyboard is their ultimate tool. Try to buy a high-quality keyboard with additional shortcut keys.

Try a keyboard that remains quiet when we press keys or a keyboard with longer keycaps and a wrist pad that you can rest your hands on.

A conventional mouse would cause pain in a programmer’s hand; therefore, they need to buy an ergonomically shaped mouse that fits appropriately in their hand, gives a good grip of thumb, isn’t much slippery, and works perfectly fine.

9. A Water Bottle

Please stay hydrated. We couldn’t stress it enough. Drinking water in appropriate amounts is as crucial as eating healthy food and exercising.

If you have a water dispenser, then fetch fresh water from it and drink from time to time — about eight glasses a day.

If not, then fill your water bottles and make sure to take a water break. Water is necessary to prevent fatigue, post-work headache, coughing, and low energy levels.


So, these are some of the programmer desk essentials that a programmer must-have.

A little investment in these wouldn’t do much damage to the pocket, but it will provide you great health benefits, and you’d be motivated to do more work.

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