Python: What Is It? Why Is It So Popular?

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Python — The what, why, and how?

Facts –

  • The name is inspired from BBC’s TV Show — ‘Monty Python’s Flying Circus’
  • Guido Van Rossum started it as a hobby project during Christmas, since he wanted to keep himself busy.
  • There are two main reasons for Python’s popularity: it offers immense scope of work and it has a beginner-friendly language.

So, what is Python?

Python is an interpreted, and high-level programming language with dynamic semantics. It is object-oriented and was designed for readability. As an open-source language, it is the easiest to learn since it reads and writes a lot of everyday English. Also, a general-purpose programming language, which means that it can be used for different types of programming and software unlike other coding languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Programmers tend to favor it because it increases overall productivity. With no compilation required, the edit-test-debug routine goes way faster. Python is used for many large scale projects and is not limited to web development. Python is used by beginning coders, software engineers, web and mobile app developers, data scientists, and anyone with an out of the box idea.

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Why is Python so popular?

Easy to Learn
Python is an easy and accessible programming language with simplified syntax to learn even for new beginners. If you do have experience with coding language, industry experts say Python basics can easily be learned in 6–8 weeks.

Versatile & Efficient
Python can be used in many different environments like web development, mobile and desktop applications, hardware programming, and others. Its high number of applications makes it a preferable choice for many. It is reliable, efficient, and works much faster compared to any other programming language.

Python is a flexible language that permits the developers to try something new. There are no restrictions on developing any kind of app. This freedom and flexibility is not there in any other language. Imagine the possibilities!

Super Community
Python is free and has been around for 30 years. Being an open-source coding language, it can be modified and extended by anyone. The python developer community has had enough time to develop extensive guides, documentation, and other tools to support a developer of any skill range. Thus there is round the clock support available for the development of projects.

Python is sponsored
Corporate sponsors back several programming languages. Python is majorly backed by Google along with Facebook and AWS.
Google has been a patron of Python since 2006. The company has not only based many applications and platforms on it but has also invested a lot of time, money, and effort towards the training and success of Python.

Python is in demand
With Python’s widespread popularity; it is no surprise that programmers and students choose to learn this language. There is an array of jobs available right from the entry-level. There is a great deal of choice in terms of career options too.

Python Automates

If you are already in programming, you are aware of all the boring parts that entail it. The simple yet ordeal tasks of dragging and renaming folders, copying files and uploading, and so on; Python assists in task automation with several available tools and modules. With necessary Python codes, a user can easily reach an advanced level of automation. This is a first, where a programming language actually does not take so much time and still boosts productivity.

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How can you learn Python?
Find a free Python tutorial on the Python Software Foundation’s website to start with. Have no previous programming knowledge? This free resource comes with tutorials designed for first-time users as well as beginners with some background. More material can be found at and

We hope now you have a better understanding of what Python is and why is it still popular after 30 years. Start learning Python today and you can later decide if you would like a career in web development, data science, AI, or IoT.

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