Technical benefits of using Redux.

5 min readNov 5, 2019

Technical benefits of using Redux.


Redux is a JavaScript state management tool. Although it is often used with React, it is compatible with a large number of different react frames like Preact and Inferno and Angular and even plain JavaScript. Redux’s core idea is that the whole state of the app is contained in one central location. Every element of an application can access the application status directly without sending props to child components or by calling back data to parents. Some of the benefits of Redux are listed below:

  1. Easy state transfer between the components

We store the whole state in a single place known as ‘store’ in Redux. When we look at the problem of moving the state from level 1 to level 4, it becomes easy, because the state has been saved and level 4 can be accessed directly by the store. There are no worries about where the data coming from as the store is the sole source of truth.

2. Predictable states

The state is always predictable in Redux. If the same state and action are passed on to a reducer, then the same result is generated, since reducer functions are pure. The state is also unchanging and never modified. It allows for difficult tasks such as constant undoing and redoing to be carried out. Time trips that can move back and forth between the previous states are also available and results can be viewed in real-time.

3. Ease in maintenance.

Redux is strict about how code should be organized so it makes it easier for someone with knowledge of Redux to understand the structure of any Redux application. This generally makes it easier to maintain.

4. Debugging is easy.


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