Technology Trends That Are Evolving the Mobile App Development Industry

Technology Trends That Are Evolving the Mobile App Development Industry

The mobile app development industry is progressing at a thundering speed. If you want to keep up with it, then be ready to introduce yourself to newer concepts.

The mobile app industry has transformed into a vast business model, and it’s doing amazingly well in the market.

From 5G to Augmented Reality — you now get everything through mobile and its apps.

So, instead of wasting time with a long introduction, let’s jump into it!

Mobile Commerce is one of the most dominating factors when I talk about the mobile app industry. The way mobile commerce apps have contributed to businesses is astonishing.

Many companies preferred to do their business online, but when big names like Amazon introduced their mobile commerce app — everyone followed in its footsteps.

Resellers are happy as these mobile apps are generating ample profits. Their sales pitch has a better response rate as most people prefer to use a mobile app than going to the browser and opening it.

So, 2021 will be a game-changer for mobile commerce apps. Let’s see what’s coming next.

2. 5G

5G technology is finally here, and we cannot get enough of it. Resellers, developers, and creators are experimenting with this technology, and they are optimistic about its outcomes.

2021 will connect more people with 5G than before. With this latest fifth-generation of the internet, we’d see network efficiency beyond our expectations.

And it’s not just about the speed — 5G will change the framework of mobile apps too. We’d see more 5G and IoT-generated smart apps connected with our daily routines.

Apps would also be developed, keeping the ultra-blazing 5G network speed in mind. So, let’s see what 5G brings this year. What do you think?

3. IoT App Integration & Wearable Devices

The internet of things is a concept many of you might be familiar with now. It’s simple — connect your stuff with the internet and operate them through a device.

Developers are developing mobile with IoT integration. Alexa is a prominent example of it. We can control her through our phones. Many other home and office appliances can now be operated through our mobile apps.

2021 will see more automobile, home products, healthcare, and other departments developing mobile apps that can help us operate better through the IoT.

The Wearable devices technology is somewhat not new. We’ve been buying wearable iOS and Android watches for quite a few years.

With every new release, we see how better and more awesome they turn out. It’s no surprise that Statista claims that about 929 million people would be using a smartwatch by 2021.

Apple has already announced to launch a separate iOS App Store for their Apple Watch. They’re pushing more technology to this gadget which means that they are soon to become an independent device.

Many other tech companies focus more on their wearable devices, so this technology is pretty much blooming in 2021.

4. Beacon Technology

Many industries are implementing Beacon technology nowadays. We’ve seen healthcare, hospitality, and other significant departments utilizing this technology. Beacons can help in adding advanced features and functions to any mobile application.

We’ve seen mobile app beacons since 2013, but their significance has risen these past few years.

So if you’re unaware of beacons, then let me explain them. Let’s say a pizza shop has installed a beacon in their store. Whenever you pass by that store, your phone’s Bluetooth will connect with it, and it will display the latest pizza deals.

That’s how a beacon helps. It helps in proximity marketing and can detect a user’s shopping behavior inside the store. These mobile app beacons are greatly benefiting the resellers and consumers.

5. Foldable Devices

The last time I saw a foldable device was in Adele’s song “Hello.”

I thought that their era has gone, but brands like Samsung, Huawei, and Motorola proved me wrong.

I mean, making a touch screen device foldable is a significant achievement. Thanks to its multi-window support option, we can use different parts of the screen according to our needs. We can change the screen size or expand the app.

Mobile app development companies are now pushing more efforts in creating apps that would enhance the fold experience. Let’s see what new foldable mobile app we see in 2021.

6. Augmented Reality

The AR technology found a huge fan following when the Pokemon Go game was launched. That AR game changed the way of how far this concept can go.

But hey, augmented Reality has an even more expandable scope, and 2021 will be the year of exploring deep into it.

We’ve seen how L’Oreal introduced its virtual makeup app with AR integration so the consumers can see how their makeup would look on them.

Apart from this, Google also launched its Live View, which would allow a user to take a picture of any nearby building, and Google will tell where you are currently.

Augmented Reality is ever-growing. Our Instagram and Snapchat, with their live filters, are significant examples. Let’s see what new AR technology we see in 2021.

7. On-Demand Applications

On-demand apps will be the trendiest in 2021. We have already seen how these apps had a tremendous usage in 2020 amongst the lockdown.

On-demand apps like UberEats, Airbnb, Pizza Hut, etc., have taken over the world by a storm.

People like me who are introverts would always prefer ordering online through mobile apps rather than talking to someone on the call.

But these on-demand applications aren’t just limited to food delivery. You can use taxi services like Uber or hire a virtual fitness instructor for home workouts.

Other services include pet care, house maintenance, physician on-demand, private coaching, call a barber, house cleaning, and many more.

8. Mobile Wallets

Mobile commerce isn’t the only thing trending in 2021. The concept of mobile wallets is emerging tremendously, and we’re seeing big names rooting for it.

These days we have e-wallets like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay that are doing well in their job.

The mobile wallet market will see more expansion this year and in the years to come. It should become a standard feature for every mobile app as it is safe and secure.

Currently, most apps are using other third-party pay apps that are vulnerable to security risks. Let’s see what 2021 will bring for mobile wallets.

9. Blockchain

The way blockchain is taking over major industrial sectors is applausible. If we talk about the mobile app industry, then the developers are already on their way to create apps supporting blockchain.

It would be amazing to see de-centralized mobile applications. These apps would let us securely perform cryptocurrency transactions and smart contracts.

Developers are integrating blockchain in mobile apps for asset tokenization and to trade and exchange cryptocurrencies. It can also be used for crypto space and gaming.

So, we cannot wait to see and use these blockchain-supported mobile apps in 2021.

10. Chatbots

You might be wondering what chatbots are doing here when they’re already being used for more than a decade. Well, as every technology is evolved, these chatbots have to.

Now, the future would bring you voice-assisted chatbots. These chatbots would talk to you like a human, and you could tell them what you want.

Although this technology is in its initial phase, voice-assisted chatbots are soon becoming a big thing. A prominent example of it is the Starbucks app, where you have to talk to the chat assistant and tell them what type of coffee you would like.

Many enterprises incorporate more effective chatbots for better customer service, quick responses, and precise answers.

11. Cloud Storage

Although cloud storage is a big trend despite its popularity, many enterprises still don’t use it in their offices. Almost 50% of the UK is not using cloud-based services on an enterprise level.

Despite all of this, the concept is still growing as the mobile app industry is leaning towards cloud-based storage. You’d notice many apps that you use are backed with a cloud infrastructure.

Cloud computing will save data, money, and time and this is what mobile app developers want in 2021.

12. Artificial Intelligence

Lastly, we would be remiss not to mention AI and how deep-rooted it is in our mobile app industry.

Still, artificial intelligence is in its baby steps as we have yet to see its full potential. We have already seen how epic AI-generated Siri and Alexa are. — It’s just the start.

Mobile app developers are integrating more AI-based technology like speech recognition, face, eye, image detection, text/image classification, and much more.

AI is there to make our mobile apps smarter and improve their performance. 2021 will bring more significant AI uses into our mobile apps, and we can’t wait.


So, with this, it’s a wrap. Mobile developers need to understand that going with these latest trends will help them develop the best app. Be open-minded, and you’ll do wonders.

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